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Faversham Dogs Part 2

Posted: 31st August, 2018 Category: Culture, People, Shopping

The second instalment of a photographic parade of the town's much-loved dogs, taken in the medieval Market Place on two sunny Saturday mornings in high summer. Part 1 was published on 27 July 2018. Ruby Redmond is our guest photographer.

Words Sarah Langton-Lockton Photographs Ruby Redmond

Pepper is a little French Bulldog, 21 months old. ‘She sees everything as a playfest,’ says her owner, Mike Gordine. They live in Sittingbourne but are regulars at Faversham markets. She’s a reverse brindle, not one of the recognised colours for a French Bulldog, admits Mike. He describes Pepper as ‘a very gentle soul.’ She loves going out and loves children – even tiny ones, including a grandson who’s only three weeks old

Murphy and Caffrey are chocolate Labradors, brothers from the same litter, and completely inseparable according to their owners, Daniel and Michelle, who live in Queen’s Road. ‘They’re a couple of old men,’ says Daniel, ‘well behaved but very stinky’ owing to their love of mud. ‘You can’t tell with a brown dog whether it’s dirty or not,’ adds Michelle

Nelly is a working Cocker Spaniel, aged five and a half, tricolour black and tan with a tiny white flash down her front. Her owner Vicki says she is ultra friendly and very talkative: ‘She sings when asking permission for something.’ Nelly is also obedient and easy to train. During the week she is looked after by Vicki’s elderly mother, whom she takes great care of, adjusting to her slow pace and responding to the command ‘Behind’, walking just behind her heels on a steep slope or on the stairs.

Lottie and Dora, who are the best of friends, are both half Schnauzer. The other parent of Lottie, who is three years old and brown in colour, was a Jack Russell, and in the case of Dora, who is nearly two and has a velvety black coat, was a black Westie. Their owner, Tom Finn-Kelcey, who teaches at QE (Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School) in Faversham, describes them as ‘bouncy, full of fun and very affectionate’. Lottie, he says, is the ‘loudest and stroppiest.’ They are both disarmingly beautiful.

Cara is a gorgeous Irish Setter aged one year and two months. Her owners David and Nita Owen – she lived here 15 years ago, and they have just moved back, to Park Road – describe her in perfect unison as ‘mad as a box of frogs.’ They say she’s a good pub dog and confidently enters the Corner Tap where they sometimes drink. ‘She’s my excuse for going in,’ says David

Maus, who is just three years old, is an apricot Miniature Poodle. Her owner, Faversham Life’s Posy Gentles, says: ‘I think she has strong views on things – but those views are not necessarily the same tomorrow.’ Posy’s daughter Minna adds that Maus is in need of her summer haircut, due the following day, and that she likes her best when she has the ‘lamb’ cut, which leaves her with trousers

Ruby is a gentle, easy-going Boxer, currently being looked after by Ken and Christine Sampson (she’s a Faversham girl). Also with them is their golden Cocker Spaniel, Toby, who is three years old. They describe him as ‘lively, very friendly and affectionate, boisterous and into everything, feisty, determined and persistent.’ He gets on well with Ruby. Ken and Christine like housesitting and looking after other people’s dogs. ‘The owners get their dog looked after, and we get a holiday,’ says Ken

When Nigel Stingemore’s antique shop in Court Street is open, Alfie is usually to be found relaxing outside, watching what’s going on. He’s a three-year-old working Cocker Spaniel, a gorgeous chocolate roan colour and very photogenic. ‘He’s playful and loves interacting with dogs and people,’ says Nigel. ‘He has a lovely temperament and is very relaxed for a spaniel.’ He has been accompanying Nigel to the shop since he was a puppy. In our final photograph Alfie greets his friend Harold, the author’s Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund

Ruby can be contacted for photographic dog portraits at rubyredmond98@gmail.com


Published on 31 August 2018