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About Faversham Life

Faversham Life is an online magazine giving an insider’s view of this ancient Kentish market town.
With a new feature published each Friday, we will uncover fascinating Faversham people, profile shops and businesses, review its restaurants, reveal hidden gardens, explore Faversham’s architecture and culture, give recipes using locally-produced food and feature anything else that enthralls and excites us.

Faversham Life was launched in September 2016. It is the creation of writers Sarah Langton-Lockton, Amicia de Moubray and Posy Gentles, and photographer Lisa Valder. All the views we express will be personal, possibly whimsical, sometimes controversial, but always passionate and curious about Faversham.

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Faversham Life – About Us

left to right: Lisa Valder, Sarah Langton-Lockton, Posy Gentles, Amicia de Moubray

Posy Gentles is a gardener with a particular interest in garden renovation and imaginative pruning. She has written books and articles about food and house decoration and is an avid peerer into skips and visitor of boot fairs and charity shops. She went to school in Faversham and, after much meandering found herself, to her delight, back in Faversham. She has no plans to leave again.

Sarah Langton-Lockton OBE is a journalist, a retired charity CEO, and latterly garden columnist for The Lady magazine. A newcomer to Faversham, she is creating on a neglected site a garden of food and flowers in which ornamental vegetable beds take centre stage. Sarah has lived and worked in Paris, Brussels and London but feels in Faversham she has come home.

Amicia de Moubray has been a journalist for more than 30 years. She has written for the Architects’ Journal, the World of Interiors, Vogue (USA), The Times and the Evening Standard, amongst others. Her work includes The Forgotten Architecture of the Kent Coast, published by SAVE Britain’s Heritage (2010) and Twentieth Century British Castles (2013). She has lived near Faversham for 20 years.

Lisa Valder has worked as a photographer for more than 25 years, including journalistic work for The Guardian, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel and the National Theatre. She has had exhibitions of her landscape and art photography in London, Kent and Cologne and her work is represented by photography agencies such as Getty Images, istockphoto and Alamy. She moved to Faversham from London in the early ‘90s.