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STOP PRESS Cooking During Lockdown

Posted: 28th April, 2020 Category: Food, Gardens

Cooking with fresh nettles

Words Lisa Valder Photographs Lisa Valder

As all gardeners know, fresh nettles are in abundance at this time of year. They are also a delicious and very healthy immune boosting cooking ingredient. Since frequent shopping trips  are discouraged during the lockdown, why not make use of food that grows around you?

Before you embark on foraging for nettles for cooking have a look at the do’s and dont’s at THIS LINK 

Add nettles to the pan of onions and spices

Below is a recipe which has been a family favourite for years, ‘Red Lentil Dhal with Cabbage’. Since I had no cabbage in the house I substituted it with fresh nettles and the result was delicious.

If you have never cooked or tasted nettles, they wilt and taste similar to baby spinach, but less bitter.

The nettles soon wilt

How to make it

Combine the stewed lentils with the nettle mixture


You can also add nettles to pasta sauces, stir fries, stews and soups: for example potatoes and nettles make a tasty soup, just add onions, stock and salt & pepper.

Text and Photographs: Lisa Valder