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The Three Mariners Takeaways

Posted: 29th January, 2021 Category: Food

Warm and comforting British pub food done well – and by someone else. What's not to like?

Words Nell Card Photographs Nell Card

My partner and I chose to alleviate the endless making of meals last week with a delivery from The Three Mariners in Oare. Their website suggests customers download the app to order, which we did (they also accept orders over the phone). It’s an easy, intuitive process – simply select your dishes from the drop-down menu, choose a delivery time, and pay via the app at the end. The menu changes weekly, making it all the more tempting to return for seconds.

The Three Mariners takeaway meal – worth laying the table properly for

The meal was delivered on time by a friendly (masked) delivery women, who waited outside the house while we took the insulated bag into the kitchen to unpack. We simply returned the bag, dished up, and tucked in straight away.

A three-course meal is £20 a head, but we decided to stick to just the two (which came to £34 in total), opting for dishes we seldom cook for ourselves at home: a filo-wrapped salmon for me and a beef and Stilton pie for him. Both came with two, perfectly seasoned, pleasingly square portions of dauphinoise potatoes, a heap of still-hot tenderstem broccoli, braised leeks and glossy, lightly-roasted carrots. We also found two brown rolls in a bag, but they didn’t look special enough to fill us up, so we kept them for lunch the next day.

Dessert was also deeply comforting: a cinnamon-spiced apple crumble with creme anglaise for him, and a raspberry cheesecake for me. Obviously, I made us go halves.

A huge helping of apple crumble

My only slight criticism would be that, as some of the dishes had been prepared in their containers, they fitted so snugly, it was impossible to extract them without slightly demolishing them. Which is what we did in the end anyway, so I won’t hold that against them.

The raspberry cheesecake – slightly destroyed on serving

Order before 9pm the day before; £5 delivery unless within 1 mile radius; thethreemarinersoare.co.uk

Text: Nell Card. Photography: Nell Card