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Faversham Life is three years old

Posted: 20th September, 2019 Category: Architecture, Culture, Food, People, Shopping

This week Faversham Life celebrates its third birthday. To mark the occasion we picked out some highlights from over 150 weekly publications so far.

Words Lisa Valder Photographs Lisa Valder

photo © Lisa Valder

Jumpers for infant seafarers

Faversham Life visits a shop in a fine medieval building, a hub and a haven for knitting and crochet enthusiasts. favershamlife.org/yarn-dispensary/


photo ©Lisa Valder

Charity shop fashion

The truly cool and stylish shirk high street banality and head to Faversham’s wealth of charity and vintage shops. favershamlife.org/charity-shop-bonanza/


photo ©Lisa Valder

The musical railings at The Biscuit House with a mincer as a handle

The green and yellow musical fence at The Biscuit House is one of the marvels of Faversham. favershamlife.org/henry-dagg/


Wild Bread loaves

Faversham Life talks to sourdough baker James Thorn. favershamlife.org/wild-bread/


Lucy Rutter at the wheel

Faversham Life meets potter Lucy Rutter. favershamlife.org/lucy-rutter/


Swimming for the wild at heart

Swimming for the wild at heart

Faversham Life goes to the beach with a spirit of adventure. favershamlife.org/wild-swimming-swale/


'Marsh Sunset' by Paul Fowler

Marsh Sunset by Paul Fowler

Faversham Life interviews Paul Fowler, an artist who has found his muse in the Faversham landscape. favershamlife.org/paul-fowler-artist/


The glorious cheddar-style Ashmore Farmhouse

Faversham Life samples some world-beating local cheeses. favershamlife.org/cheesemakers-of-canterbury/


Ray in his workshop

Faversham Life meets a contemporary master of an ancient craft. favershamlife.org/ray-walton-silversmith/


Often paid in clothes, Jan has vintage pieces by Bill Gibb and Thea Porter among many others

Often paid in clothes, Jan has vintage pieces by Bill Gibb and Thea Porter among many others

Faversham Life encounters the enduring style of a top fashion model in the sixth decade of her career. favershamlife.org/jan-de-villeneuve/


Antiques spilling out onto the pavement outside Peter Barrow’s shop in West Street

Faversham Life explores Peter Barrow’s antiques emporium on West Street.  favershamlife.org/peter-barrow/


Claire serves salads from the former pub bar

The Sondes Tea House & General Stores, Selling. favershamlife.org/sondes-tea-house-general-stores-selling/



hop bines

Harvesting hops

Faversham Life visits Syndale Farm, one of the few remaining farms growing hops in East Kent. favershamlife.org/hopping-kent


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